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VIV – Life Better , bill negotiating service.

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VIV – Life Better , bill negotiating service.

Stonington, Connecticut

Simply put , VIV helps business owners and residential customers lower their monthly bills through our bill negotiating platform. At the heart of it,  VIV is passionate about giving our customers a way to live a life that’s easier, more affordable and more satisfying. A way that makes life better not just for all the people who use and sell our products, but for tens of thousands of people in less-developed parts of the world too.
For our customers we lower their bills WITHOUT changing their service or committing them to extended terms. Our customers do not pay anything up front, they agree to split the savings we negotiate. We will correct anything that goes wrong with their provider after we’ve provided our service.
For social good , VIV contributes 1% of our profits to underserved communities through our One at a Time initiative. We work with and support experienced international partners who specialize in helping these communities.
As a business owner or a homeowner,  you DON’T have to overpay ! US consumers are paying 64% more now in hidden charges than they did just 5 years ago. VIV is here to uncover those hidden cost and help you pay less on your monthly bills. Just upload your bills to our platform: and our experienced negotiation team will get to work saving you money. Once negotiations are complete we don’t just go to sleep on your bills. Whether it’s an electric bill or a bill for a dumpster service we continually monitor your accounts making sure you are getting the best available pricing. VIV essentially becomes a caretaker for your monthly bills; saving you time, money and giving you peace of mind that your no longer paying too much for your services.

Main Contact
David Thomas
VIV consultant

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