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Build a Loyal Customer Following For Your Business

  • Ways to create real customer loyalty
  • For those starting or managing a business
  • How to consolidate your market share and develop your business in a way that retains customers

Once you’ve built a customer base at your business, it’s vitally important that you hold onto it. Finding new customers is 10 times more expensive than retaining the ones you already have, and existing customers spend about two-thirds more than new ones. Existing customers are also more likely to try new products and services or recommend your company to others.

Some ways to cater to the customers you have include:

Focusing on a great customer experience

Creating an excellent experience is one way to keep your existing customers, as well as any new ones, happy and satisfied. Be accessible, respond quickly to customer inquiries and concerns, and go above and beyond to provide stellar service.

Research which communication channels are most effective. Your company should have a robust social media presence that frequently posts updates and promptly responds to any messages or comments. Make sure your website prominently displays an e-mail address and phone number for your company.

It falls to all employees at the company to do their part to create an above-average customer experience. Not only should they have the proper tools and training to assist customers, but you should be responsive to employee needs so they are more enthusiastic about the company and its culture.

Being open and flexible

Be willing to change if need be. By soliciting customer feedback, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses in your company and make adjustments accordingly.

Emphasize your company’s mission and values. These factors are becoming increasingly important to customers, so amplifying this message and ensuring that you follow through on it can help win customer loyalty.

Be transparent about your business matters. If you make a mistake, admit to it and take steps to rectify the matter.

Creating rewards programs

One way to express your gratitude to your loyal followers is to offer them a few perks. Rewards programs are often tied to the amount of money a customer spends, offering freebies or discounts once they reach a certain level. You might also establish tiered or VIP programs offering added benefits to your regulars.

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