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By Kempton Coady

I knew of when I attended a Connecticut Angel Investor Forum in June 2019, and had even used it to raise money, but I had not realized how pervasive they had become both for investors and for companies seeking funds. 

There were five small companies presenting at the forum. Some were pre-revenue startups and some had already built themselves up as revenue generating companies. All of them had come through the Gust ecosystem.

Gust describes itself as the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs and early stage investors, a pioneer in the equity funding collaboration industry, and the “official platform of the world’s leading angel investor federations and venture accelerators.” Members hail from 192 countries, and more than 850,000 startups have used the service to connect with 85,000 prospective investors on the platform.

The Gust concept was developed by CEO David Rose, who also founded the New York Angel Group. It began as a platform for angel investors to find prospective investments based on a uniform business presentation structure. Built on a SaaS platform, Gust’s online tools help entrepreneurs start, run, and raise funds for their companies; investors benefit from deal flow and relationship management offered through the site. 

The startup or early small company seeking investment can create a profile, update their information, build a business plan, collaborate with others on the best structure to raise money, and get connected with angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity groups. Potential investors can then find companies based on their industry, geography, size, and profitability.

Gust’s registration services are free, but as a company or as an investor you must meet certain terms and conditions. Gust also offers certain paid services like Launch.

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