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A Day, or Even a Week, Without Meetings

  • How scrapping meetings for a day, or even implementing a meeting-free week, can improve your company’s workflow
  • Benefits include more productivity and creative thinking, along with the possibility of concentrating on a single major task
  • Fewer meetings may be less feasible if employees are more extroverted or prone to procrastination

Done well, meetings offer a chance for employees to come together as a team, brainstorm ideas, and come up with clear plans of action. Done poorly, they can take up a considerable part of an employee’s workday with little to show for it – especially if several meetings are scheduled in one day.

Some companies have explored the idea of blocking out one day of the week, or even an entire week, and completely clearing it of meetings. This strategy creates an uninterrupted block of time in which an employee is free to focus on a large project, coming up with new ideas, or any other tasks they wish to complete. A meeting-free day or or week can be combined with other strategies as well, such as not taking any phone calls or e-mails.

This approach can result in a more efficient workday, creative thinking, and heightened productivity. However, it may not work with employees who procrastinate, are extroverts, or otherwise aren’t suited for structuring their own workflow. Experimenting with a meeting-free day or week can let you know if it can work for your company.

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