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A Focus on the Work-Life Divide and Other Marketing Trends for 2022

  • Gartner poll identifies top trends marketers can expect in 2022
  • People are less likely to tie work to their identity, with the “Great Resignation” providing a stark example
  • Survey also suggests that people want to strike a balance between online and offline offerings

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

A greater disconnection between work and one’s identity, a desire for more comforting content, and mixed feelings on online offerings are among the trends the technology research and consulting company Gartner says marketers should be aware of in the new year.

“Marketers must recognize that consumers are in the midst of an exhausting practical and spiritual overhaul. That presents an opportunity for their brands to be facilitators of change,” said Kate Muhl, vice president analyst at the Gartner Marketing practice. “Consumers are valuing themselves more. Because of this, brands must emphasize their values that speak to topics that include authenticity, identity and self-esteem.”

As millions of people quit their jobs, Gartner suggests that people are less likely to tie work to their identity. Fifty-one percent of the 1,752 people surveyed in October said they perform personal tasks at work more frequently than pre-pandemic. The survey also highlighted amplified uncertainty due the COVID-19 pandemic, with two-thirds saying they’ve had difficulty making long-term plans or life changes.

  • Another finding found that people are primarily using social and traditional media as an escapist means, with 61 percent saying they want to relax or be comforted when using this media
  • While consumers say they enjoy the convenience of doing things online or virtually, 57 percent described these options as inadequate compared to in-person experiences; Gartner says marketers face the task of expanding online offerings while retaining an offline component
  • The more home-centric focus brought on by the pandemic is likely to endure, with 58 percent saying the pandemic will have a lasting impact on how they think about and manage their home

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