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Addressing Employee Challenges When Transitioning to Remote Work

  • Entrepreneur contributor says companies need to change how they address certain aspects of their business
  • Assessment of new hires should include screening to see if they can successfully work from home
  • Companies should also discuss time management with employees, and not be afraid of having a little fun

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to set up remote work arrangements, and some of them are contemplating whether to make this transition permanent. A contributor to Entrepreneur suggests that business owners need to be aware of the unique challenges accompanying remote work while also being open in their communications with employees who are working from home.

Doreen Clark, founder of Doreen Clark Consulting, says remote work offers advantages such as savings on overheard and more convenience for employees. However, companies hiring for remote positions need to assess whether an employee will be able to manage their time well and avoid distractions.

Clark recommends that business owners start an open dialogue with employees about challenges they face in balancing their personal life with work. She also advises that they set expectations for a worker’s daily tasks rather than require a set number of hours, while also having some fun to avoid stress.

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