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As Remote Work Becomes More Permanent, Companies Respond to Employee Needs

  • Remote work arrangements set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have endured longer than employers and employees may have anticipated
  • Companies expand benefits, hold social events, and solicit employee feedback
  • Many businesses likely to favor hybrid model of office and remote work

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to conduct their work remotely, plenty of employers and employees hoped that the arrangement would only be temporary. Instead, remote work has persisted for months due to continued risks from the coronavirus, including a midsummer spike in cases in the United States. Several major tech companies have announced that they intend to continue remote work through the summer of 2021.

Companies have often responded to the persistence of remote work by expanding benefits. These are often focused on helping workers balance their job with child care, such as discounted tutoring, enhancing their caregiver access benefits, or offering more flexible scheduling or leave options.

A majority of employers have reported a dip in morale due to the pandemic. Steps taken to improve morale include virtual get-togethers for social reasons and soliciting employee feedback on how the employer can assist them.

While remote work offers some benefits, employees have also shown some eagerness to return to an office space for in-person collaboration. Companies have shown an increased willingness to offer post-pandemic hybrid models, where employees spend some of their work week in the office and some of it working from home.

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