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Businesses Falling for the Same Old Tricks When It Comes to Cyberattacks

  • Concerns over cybersecurity have grown in the past year as attacks become more frequent and costly
  • An IT professional writes in Forbes that attacks have not increased in sophistication and continue to exploit common vulnerabilities
  • Securing remote desktop protocols, educating employees, and other tips

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Concerns over cybersecurity have grown in the past year as ransomware attacks grow in both frequency and the amount of money they cost employers. However, a cybersecurity professional recently asserted in a post for Forbes that the attacks are not growing more sophisticated. Rather, people continue to fall for the same old tricks.

Andrew Hollister, senior director of the security intelligence company LogRhythm, says cyberattacks continue to exploit weak spots in businesses’ digital infrastructure. Phishing, where a message posing as a legitimate communication seeks sensitive information, remains a common method. Cybercriminals also seek to access remote desktop protocols, which are meant to allow remote access and control of a system for purposes such as information technology services.

Hollister recommends that companies review their systems to make sure there are no easy points of access for cybercriminals, educate employees about phishing threats, and ensure that RDPs have multi-factor authentication. He also advises that they develop a cybersecurity strategy to detect attacks and respond to them.

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