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CIOs See Investments in AI, Cloud Technology as Improving Resilience

  • Survey of chief information officers and technology executives places importance on artificial intelligence and distributed cloud technology for helping businesses adapt to uncertain circumstances
  • Such investments help pursue a “composable business” strategy to better endure unexpected situations
  • Two-thirds of respondents say they plan to invest in cybersecurity next year

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Chief information officers and technology executives are looking to artificial intelligence and distributed cloud technology to help improve business resilience and adaptability, according to a recent survey from the technology research and consulting company Gartner Inc.

The survey of 2,387 tech professionals found that the majority of “high-composability” businesses already have these systems in place or are planning to introduce them in 2022. Such features are seen as crucial for composable businesses, or those with a modular, interchangeable organizational structure allowing for faster adaptation to changing circumstances and uncertainties.

  • Two-thirds of respondents plan to invest in cybersecurity next year, while 51 percent say they will invest in business intelligence and data analytics and 48 percent in cloud platforms
  • High-composability businesses anticipate stronger increases in information technology budgets; while the average respondent foresees 3.6 percent growth in their overall IT budget in 2022, respondents in high-composability businesses expect their IT budget to increase by 4.2 percent
  • Gartner also identified composable thinking, composable business architecture, and composable technology as the main factors of business composability
  • These factors help promote a high-trust workplace culture and independent employee decision-making; the ability to respond to uncertainty rather than anticipate slow, continuous, predictable changes; and more aggressive technology adoption

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