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Clean Energy Incentives Allow Remote Employees to Offset Higher Home Energy Use

  • Homeowner electricity bills are spiking as remote work and other COVID-19 factors contribute to greater energy usage
  • Companies have sought ways to offer clean energy incentives to employees as part of their employee benefits
  • Employers have also been covering some costs associated with home offices

Employees who have been able to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic have seen some cost savings, such as spending less on gas for the daily commute. However, the reliance on home workspaces has also caused electric bills to spike. Not only are employees using their personal computer throughout the day, but they’re also relying on air conditioning that otherwise would have stayed dormant. Other members of the household may also be plugging in for remote work and schooling.

The increase in energy bills across the nation has caused many employers to consider clean energy incentives for their employees. Arcadia, a company allowing residents in all 50 states to tap into renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power, says employers have shown increased interest in providing the benefit both to further their own sustainability goals and to help workers offset their higher energy expenses.

The shift to remote work has raised the question of whether companies should cover at least some of the costs that employees wouldn’t have incurred had they been able to continue working in an office environment. Several companies have been offering stipends, regular allowances, or other funding sources to help employees set up home offices and pay for ongoing expenses.

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