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Co-Workers May Influence Job Satisfaction More Than Interest in Work

  • A recent research analysis finds that interest in one’s work has less of an effect on overall job satisfaction than expected
  • While interest does positively affect satisfaction as well as performance, the people who work with can be a major influence
  • Other studies have demonstrated that stress and feeling valued play a major role in how happy employees are at their job

The saying goes that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. But what if you find a position that perfectly aligns with your interests but you despise your coworkers?

A recent analysis from University of Houston researchers, scrutinizing 105 previous studies over a 65-year period, found that there was a positive relationship between whether a job fit a person’s interests and their level of job satisfaction. However, it wasn’t as strong as the researchers suggested. Instead, interest was more likely to influence job performance while one’s overall career path had a greater impact on satisfaction.

In a recent article for Forbes, Alison Escalante suggests that coworkers are also a major factor in employee satisfaction. Other studies have shown that bosses and fellow workers can be a major source of stress for employees, and those who are dissatisfied with their work environment are naturally less likely to be satisfied with their job.

Escalante says workers not only need to enjoy their work, but also have a supportive environment where they can enjoy positive social interactions with their colleagues. Other factors, such as adequate compensation or the feeling that one is valued and respected, can also help influence job satisfaction.


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