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Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Approves 90-Day Application Period on Cannabis Licenses

  • Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection approves request for 90-day application period on cannabis licenses in the state
  • Decision follows Social Equity Council approval on a requirements and criteria to qualify as a social equity applicant when establishing a cannabis business in Connecticut
  • Applications will become available 30 days after the Council issues its final approval

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has accepted a request from the state’s Social Equity Council for a 90-day application period on all cannabis license types.

The Connecticut General Assembly voted to legalize recreational marijuana use earlier this year, and the state is currently establishing rules related to recreational cannabis businesses. Licenses will be selected through a first lottery.

On Tuesday, the Social Equity Council approved a variety of requirements and criteria to qualify as social equity applicants and operate a business as an Equity Joint Venture. The decision was contingent on the Department of Consumer Protection’s approval of the 90-day application window as well as the Council’s approval of an implementation plan for accelerator and technical assistance programs to offer business support to applicants.

  • The criteria approved Tuesday includes the stipulation that businesses can qualify as social equity applicants if they’re at least 65 percent owned and controlled by individuals with an average household income under 300 percent of the state household income over the three tax years preceding the application
  • The requirements established by the Council include a variety of supporting documentation on matters such as residency and income, as well as plans on issues such as how they expect to advance social equity and develop a workforce
  • The Department of Consumer Protection will make applications available 30 days after the Social Equity Council issues its final approval
  • The application period for social equity applicants seeking a cultivator license in a disproportionately impacted area will remain open for three months

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