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Connecticut Grant Program to Assist Nonprofits With Security Improvements

  • Nonprofits can receive $50,000 under a Connecticut grant program designed to assist with security improvements
  • Program is open to organizations that can demonstrate that they are at elevated risk of being targeted for violence
  • Improvements can include building upgrades, staff training, and other measures aimed at protecting staff and clients

Connecticut nonprofits can receive grants to go toward security improvements under the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, a recently launched state initiative.

The $5 million competitive grant program, administered by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, reimburses nonprofits for the costs of improving their security infrastructure. Each eligible nonprofit may receive up to $50,000 per site.

The grants are available to 501(c)(3) organizations that can demonstrate a “heightened risk of being the target of a terrorist attack, hate crime, or violent act.” The goal of the program is to keep these organizations safe from threats or criminal activity, and to keep staff and clients safe as well.

Eligible expenses include improvements to buildings owned by the nonprofit, such as surveillance cameras, panic alarms, or solid core doors; training personnel to operate and maintain the security infrastructure; and portable entrance security devices such as metal detector wands. Expenses can be retroactive to July 1, 2019 or incurred as late as June 30, 2023. Grants are only available for projects that are not receiving state or federal funds.

There is a two-step application process, with the first portion due by March 12. This portion requires applicants to provide basic information about their organization, outline how they would improve its security infrastructure, and describe why the site is “a highly recognized national or historic institution or significant institution within the community” that renders it possible target for violence.

The second portion of the application, which includes a 24-question survey, is due by March 19. Applications will be ranked and grants will be awarded based on the demonstrated need for security improvements.

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program dovetails with a federal grant program which has a similar purpose. Guidance for the federal program will be released later this month.

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