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Connecticut House Passes Bill Barring Retail Businesses From Refusing Cash Payments

  • Connecticut House unanimously passes bill prohibiting retail businesses from refusing cash payments or charging a higher price for accepting cash
  • Several exemptions are included, including any transactions that aren’t made in person
  • The measure was previously raised in 2019

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Cash is becoming a less common form of payment amid the increasing prevalence of credit cards, e-commerce, and other means of transaction. As some businesses look to phase out dollars and coins altogether, the Connecticut House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill requiring most retail businesses to accept legal tender.

The bill, which now moves to the Connecticut Senate, prohibits anyone selling retail goods or services from refusing cash as a form of payment. It also prohibits businesses from posting signs refusing cash payments or charging a higher price to those paying cash.

  • Certain transactions are exempted, including those conducted by phone, mail, or internet; parking lots and garages; membership-based wholesale clubs; membership-based retail businesses requiring payment through an affiliated mobile app; rental services where collateral is required; and goods and services offered exclusively to employees and others authorized to be on an employer’s preferences
  • The bill was previously raised in 2019, with proponents saying prohibitions on cash transactions are discriminatory against low-income residents
  • Proponents also argue that non-cash transactions raise some privacy concerns, including the ability for domestic abusers to track their victims
  • An opponent to the 2019 bill said the measure impedes businesses’ ability to choose how they operate

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