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Connecticut House Passes Bill Requiring Wage Range Disclosures, “Comparable Pay for Comparable Work”

  • Connecticut House of Representatives passes amended version of employee wage disclosure law
  • If approved, would require employees to provide a wage range for a position to prospective as well as current employees
  • Measure passes 99-48 and moves to the Connecticut Senate

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

The Connecticut House of Representatives has amended the state’s law on employee wage disclosures, requiring employers to provide a wage range for a position upon request. The law also holds employers responsible for offering “comparable pay for comparable work.”

The chamber voted 99-48 on Tuesday to approve the measure, which now goes before the Connecticut Senate. The legislation will go into effect on Oct. 1 if approved.

  • Current law, applicable to any employers with at least one employee, bars employers from prohibiting workers to disclose or inquire about their own compensation or that of their co-workers
  • Law also prohibits employers from inquiring about prospective employees’ compensation and salary history
  • Amendments requires that employers must provide a wage range for the position to which a prospective employee is applying, either at the applicant’s request or before a compensation offer is made
  • Amended law requires employers to provide a wage range for an employee’s position at least once a year, or upon the employee’s request
  • Updated language holds that employees can demonstrate sex-based discrimination if they’re receiving lower compensation for comparable work conducted by employees of the opposite sex, with the comparison being made based on a composite of skill, effort, and responsibility

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