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Connecticut Jobs Gains Continue as Unemployment Falls to 6 Percent

  • Connecticut adds 5,600 jobs in November, following an upwardly revised increase of 7,100 positions in October
  • Manufacturing accounts for the largest number of new jobs, while the number of positions in the financial services sector falls
  • Connecticut triggers off federal Extended Benefits program as the unemployment rate falls to 6 percent

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Connecticut posted its 11th consecutive month of jobs gains in November, adding 5,600 positions following an upwardly revised count of 7,100 in October.

The state’s unemployment rate fell 0.4 points during the month to 6 percent, with a year-over-year drop in weekly filers from nearly 157,000 in November 2020 to about 45,000. However, wage growth also slowed as the average private sector employee worked a 34.1-hour week at an hourly rate of $34.13, down 52 cents from November 2020.

“This labor report brings continued good economic news—the labor force is growing, most industry sectors are growing, and more job seekers are taking advantage of the job opportunities out there,” said Connecticut Department of Labor Commissioner Danté Bartolomeo. “We have a lot of work ahead of us, but the numbers tell a powerful story.”

“The economic trends in Connecticut are quite positive—our unemployment rate has fallen rapidly and our economic recovery is strong and stable,” said Patrick Flaherty, the department’s director of research. “Across the nation and in Connecticut, workers are leaving their jobs in record numbers for new, better jobs. This churn is opening up opportunities across almost all industry sectors—good news for those who are entering the market or looking for better employment.”

  • Connecticut added 4,400 jobs in the private sector and 1,200 in the government in November
  • Significant private sector gains included manufacturing (up 1,700 jobs), construction and mining (up 1,200), and professional and business services (up 1,000); the financial activities sector shed 1,900 jobs
  • Annual growth has been strongest in leisure and hospitality (up 16,100 jobs), professional and business services (up 10,200), and educational and health services (up 9,700); financial services jobs are down from November 2020 by 1,300, while the information sector is down by 1,100 positions
  • Connecticut has regained just over three-quarters of the 292,400 jobs lost at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic and added 53,400 jobs in 2021, bringing total payroll employment to 1.62 million
  • The falling unemployment rate has triggered Connecticut off the federal Extended Benefits program, which provides a 13-week extension to state unemployment benefits; about half of the state’s current filers are using the program, which will cease in Connecticut on Jan. 8

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