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Connecticut Launches Website Offering Guidance on Recreational Marijuana Legalization, Including Business Information

  • Connecticut launches website to provide information on the effects of a new law legalizing adult cannabis use for recreational purposes
  • Includes a section for prospective business owners as well as information on workplace issues
  • Use and possession of recreational cannabis is currently allowed, but retail sales are not expected to begin until late 2022

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Following the passage of a law legalizing recreational marijuana in Connecticut, the state government has launched a website to keep residents up to date on the matter.

On July 1, adult possession and use of recreational cannabis became legal in Connecticut. However, other parts of the law will not go into effect for one or two years. The website intends to clarify the effect of the law and provide regular updates on how certain aspects of the law are being developed.

  • Website includes a section for people interested in entering the business of recreational cannabis, including information on licensing, advertising, and submitting an application
  • Another section details information on workplace issues, including safety and how the law will effect company policies on marijuana use
  • Retail sales of cannabis for recreational purposes are not expected to begin until the end of 2022, and will have “a very specific licensing process and social equity requirement”
  • Other updates will include news from the Social Equity Council, information on the availability of business licenses, and answers to frequently asked questions about the law

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