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COVID-19 Will Have a Lasting Effect on Companies’ Content Marketing Efforts

  • As many businesses face a drop in revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses reevaluate their marketing strategies
  • Fewer opportunities for in-person or physical marketing increase the importance of a digital presence
  • Content marketing remains a growth area, as well as an important way to enhance a business’s visibility online

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adjust their business strategies, it has also impacted their content marketing efforts. As companies changed how they offered their products and services, they also needed to consider how to align their content marketing efforts to meet new customer needs and business goals.

The pandemic has temporarily eliminated traditional marketing channels that require an in-person presence, such as trade shows and roundtables. The ripple effect has extended to certain physical marketing strategies as well; for example, the decrease in traffic during the pandemic has made billboards a less effective tool.

Many companies have been galvanized to update their marketing strategies due to declining revenues during the pandemic. Content marketing, along with associated efforts such as influencer and social media marketing, are being regarded as an important way to not only improve a business’s visibility, but also to create a bulwark against competitors.

To remain competitive, companies should also be prepared to invest in the necessary analytical tools and other technology to improve the effectiveness of their content marketing. However, they should also continue to follow the enduring strategy of consistently creating and promoting quality content to connect with customers.

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