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Don’t Be Passive About Employee Turnover; How You Can Keep Workers From Walking Out

  • Gallup data shows that most departing employees think their company or manager could have done more to retain them
  • Checking in with employees more frequently can help clue you in to frustrations and aspirations
  • Managers can also take an active role in recognizing achievements and making workers aware of advancement opportunities

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Employers have not only been struggling to find new workers, but also to retain the ones they have as a considerable number of employees resign. However, workers who have resigned often say their company could have done more to keep them.

A Gallup poll finds that 52 percent of departing employees say their manager or organization could have made more of an effort to prevent them from leaving. Only about one-third said they had a conversation with their manager before quitting.

Gallup also offered a set of tips on how managers can improve their retention efforts.

  • Simply checking in more often with employees can be a good practice; workers often say they get minimal feedback from an employer, and are more likely to discuss their experiences and intentions with co-workers
  • Managers can encourage employees to share their feedback and concerns, and can use this information to take steps to reduce workloads, improve flexibility, or otherwise accommodate their staff
  • Recognizing employees for their achievements can help improve customer satisfaction, bolster engagement, and create a connection with the company’s mission
  • Employees are more likely to seek opportunities elsewhere if they don’t think they have them within the company, so managers can meet with workers to explore internal advancement options

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