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“Great Resignation” Affecting Some Business Sectors Harder Than Others

  • Employees are quitting at an accelerated rate as the economy improves following the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Departures are often brought on by stress, burnout, or dissatisfaction with compensation or company policies
  • Retail and hospitality, technology, manufacturing, and health care are among the sectors most affected by worker resignations

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Many employers are fighting a two-front battle against staff attrition, facing difficulties in finding workers for newly available positions while also enduring resignations by current employees. Recently, the business site Fast Company spoke with the staffing and recruitment firm LaSalle Network on industries that are most likely to be facing the latter issue.

Though employee retention was strong during the COVID-19 pandemic as people were largely unwilling to risk changing employers during the economic uncertainty, quitting has become more common amid the improving economy. Factors driving employees to resign have included inadequate pay or benefits, stressful working conditions, the decision to pursue better opportunities or dissatisfaction with company policies (including efforts to terminate remote work arrangements).

  • Hospitality and retail has been hard-hit by resignations, with many employees eager to work elsewhere after frontline work during the pandemic, long hours, and low wages
  • Technology and health care have also seen significant departures due to stress and burnout
  • Manufacturing companies have seen a high number of resignations, though this sector is also more prone to churn as people seek new opportunities
  • Companies can take steps such as communicating with employees to see if they are suffering from heightened or stress

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