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How Workforce Analytics Can Give You Better Insights About Your Employees

  • The ability to be flexible has become a major competitive advantage for employers
  • However, employers also need to balance flexibility with the ability to collaboratively complete projects
  • How workforce analytics can help you gauge worker engagement, productive applications, and more

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Companies that can offer flexibility have gained a major competitive advantage in today’s work environment. After a lengthy period of remote work and delayed efforts to return to the office, many employees have come to enjoy the lack of commute and greater autonomy over their own schedules.

Employers now need to balance this desire for more flexibility with practices that ensure that teams are collaborating effectively and staying productive. Ramon Chen, in a recent piece for Entrepreneur, argues that workforce analytics play a crucial role in accomplishing this goal.

Chen says workforce analytics allow employers to improve their digital work habits by identifying high performance areas, measuring employee engagement, and more.

  • Analytics can help objectively measure whether a worker is more productive in the office or working from home, the amount of time an employee spends on productive applications, and how long they can focus on a task before turning to other work
  • Measures can also indicate the average number of days an employee’s productivity exceeds expectations, which can also help identify workers who may be more vulnerable to burnout
  • Analytics can scrutinize workforce applications to determine which ones are contributing to employee productivity and which ones are hampering it

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