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Is Analytics Fraud Costing Your Business Money?

  • Report finds that more than two-thirds of companies lose an average of 4.07 percent of revenues to fraudulent analytics, on par with losses due to ad fraud
  • Analytics driven by bots can cause businesses to chase nonexistent customers
  • Marketers can often spot such issues before cybersecurity teams, suggesting a need for increased collaboration between the two

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Companies can lose a significant portion of their revenues chasing nonexistent customers in their analytics, according to recent research.

Netacea, a company specializing in protecting businesses from automated threats, founds that 68 percent of businesses lost an average of 4.07 percent of their revenues due to fraudulent analytics. This was on par with the more well-known issue of ad fraud, which cost 73 percent of businesses an average of 4 percent of their revenues.

  • Businesses lose revenues when they spend time addressing bots rather than actual customers
  • The report suggests a need for marketing and cybersecurity teams to work more closely together, since marketers can often identify concerns with analytics first
  • Unusual patterns such as abrupt changes and abnormal consistencies can signal that traffic is coming from a bot rather than a human

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