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Is Your Company Software a Tempting Target for Cybercriminals?

  • Cybersecurity company develops “Temptation Score” to assess how likely individual systems are likely to suffer cyberattacks
  • Score is based on factors such as the criticality of the system and the value of the information a breach is likely to yield
  • Cyberattacks have increased in frequency as hackers exploit companies’ shift toward increasingly digital workflows

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Numerous companies are using systems that can prove to be a soft target for cyberattacks, according to a report from the cybersecurity company Randori.

The company developed a “Temptation Score” to assess how likely cybercriminals are to target individual systems. Scores are based on six factors, including the potential for a breach to yield valuable information or post-exploitation benefits, the criticality of the system, and enumerability

  • Cyberattacks have increased in frequency as hackers exploit the increasing digitalization of work, including more vulnerable home computers used during remote work
  • Randori says SolarWinds, which suffered a well-publicized attack last year, is particularly vulnerable and continues to be used by about one in five organizations
  • The report says other systems that have proved more tempting to cybercriminals include Microsoft IIS 6, remote desktop protocols, virtual private networks like Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance, and Citrix NetScaler
  • The Temptation Score aims to help chief information officers and other technology professionals with identifying potential vulnerabilities

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