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Knowing Where to Start When Hiring Your First Employees

  • Hiring an employee can help your business grow, but carries risks if you select the wrong person
  • Tips on how to plan your first hire
  • Business leaders should take steps both before the hiring process and after the employee is brought on board

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

For the vast majority of entrepreneurs, running a company is a solo venture. But if your business is starting to take off, you’ll need to start thinking about bringing on your first employees.

Hiring an employee allows you to grow your business, gain more support and a broader skill base, and build more of a company reputation and culture. There are challenges as well; small business owners usually have limited resources for hiring employees, and picking the wrong people can cost you valuable time and money.

Home Business Magazine recently explored the issue of hiring workers for the first time. They recommend that entrepreneurs in this situation take the following steps:

  • A full assessment of your business needs and plans should be completed first, with your hiring plan aligned to it; this plan should also incorporate a budget to let you know how many people you can hire and on what basis
  • Establish a clear job description to reduce the possibility of receiving applications from unqualified people
  • Familiarize yourself with any necessary rules and requirements on hiring employees, such as creating en employee handbook, tax requirements, and the payroll process
  • Decide how you’ll interview candidates and whether you’ll bring people in for follow-up interviews before choosing a hire
  • Determine support options for employees after hiring, including training, options for team-building or social events, and what equipment they need to do their job efficiently

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