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Lamont Named Co-Chair of Governors’ Task Force on Pandemic Response

  • Governor Ned Lamont appointed co-chair of one of three National Governors Association task forces
  • Pandemic and Disaster Response Task Force will address issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, disaster response, cybersecurity, and health care
  • NGA has established additional task forces on community renewal and economic recovery and revitalization

Governor Ned Lamont has been appointed co-chair of one of three National Governors Association task forces created to coordinate state response to ongoing challenges including health, economic, and human services issues.

Along with Governor Mike Lee of Tennessee, Lamont will lead the Pandemic and Disaster Response Task Force. This will address issues such as the administration of the Federal Emergency Management Administration, National Guard, cybersecurity, health care, and COVID-19 issues such as testing, vaccines, personal protective equipment, and supply chains.

Lamont says Connecticut has coordinated its response with neighboring states during the pandemic, and adopted similar strategies during natural disasters. He says he is “eager to exchange ideas and best practices with my fellow governors.”

The NGA has also established task forces on community renewal and economic recovery and revitalization. These groups will address issues including infrastructure, state stabilization, energy, environment, land management, taxes, workforce, nutrition, education, criminal justice, agriculture, and broadband.

The task forces will work together with the NGA Executive Committee, which oversees its operations.

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