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Pandemic Has Helped Employer Support for Disabled Workers, Survey Finds

  • Disabled workers say employers have become more accommodating and understanding of their needs since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • These workers were also more likely to weigh the availability of remote or hybrid options when considering a job opportunity
  • The survey showed broad support for disability etiquette training among both disabled and non-disabled respondents

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

The growth of remote work options during the COVID-19 pandemic also helped employers to become more accommodating of employees with disabilities, a recent survey from Adobe finds.

The survey was issued to 1,000 workers and students, including both disabled and non-disabled respondents. Seventy-seven percent of disabled workers said their employer had been doing a better job of supporting them since the start of the pandemic, with a similar share saying their employer had become more understanding of their unique needs.

Disabled workers said remote and hybrid work arrangements have helped make it easier for them to work. A majority of respondents also expressed support for worker training to provide an understanding of disability issues.

  • Nearly three-quarters of disabled respondents said accessibility and inclusivity efforts are an important factor when weighing a job opportunity
  • Almost seven out of 10 said remote or hybrid options have made it easier for them to work during the pandemic; 58 percent said they look at whether this work arrangement is available when evaluating a job opportunity, 15 points higher than the overall share
  • 70 percent of respondents with disabilities said they believe their company provides adequate disability training
  • There was broad interest in this type of training, with 84 percent saying they thought their co-workers would benefit from it; the same share said they consider the needs of their disabled co-workers at least some of the time, while 77 percent expressed interest in learning more about disability issues
  • Adobe described disabled people as the world’s largest minority group, encompassing 1 billion people worldwide and 61 million in the United States

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