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Poll: Customers Willing to Spend More at Local Businesses, But Likely Visit Less Frequently

  • A survey by Red Egg Marketing finds that about 84 percent of respondents are willing to spend more money to support a local business
  • The majority of respondents say they shop locally only once a month, with about one-third shopping at local businesses each week
  • Customers likely to research a product before purchasing, relying primarily on the the company’s website

Customers enjoy supporting local businesses and are willing to spend a little more money to do so, according to a survey of 1,653 Americans by the marketing strategy company Red Egg Marketing. However, respondents also tended to visit these businesses infrequently, with the majority stopping in once a month or less.

About 84 percent said they would be willing to spend a little more money to support a local business, with a similar share saying they would support a local product over a national brand if given the choice. About 77 percent said they shopped locally to support businesses in their community, while 54 percent considered products from local businesses to be of better quality.

The largest share of respondents, about 55 percent, said they shopped at a local business once a month while approximately one in three did so each week. Seventy-one percent said they researched a brand before buying it, with about two-thirds going to the company’s website to find out more about the product. Red Egg Marketing says the results suggest that companies should maintain a robust website and social media presence to help attract customers from their community.

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