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Should You Keep Updating Your Company Blog?

  • Blogs are an older online feature and have to compete with millions of other posts
  • Ryan Shelley of Hack My Growth argues that blogging remains relevant to business strategy today
  • Tips for maximizing the impact of your digital updates

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Services and consumer trends are constantly changing in the digital age, with social media and mobile devices becoming more dominant. So does it still make sense for your company to maintain a blog on its website?

Blogs emerged around the turn of the century as a convenient way to post content. The internet has since become packed with millions of these entries, making it more and more difficult for your posts to stand out.

In a recent episode of Hack My Growth, Ryan Shelley argues that blogging continues to be an important and relevant part of business strategy. By actively maintaining your blog, he says, you can better connect with customers, improve your search rankings, and more. He says you’ll also need to consider other factors, such as the best medium for your posts, adding a unique perspective, and taking feedback into consideration.

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