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Social Media and Online Resources Help Drive Gen Z Entrepreneurialism

  • Polls reflect strong entrepreneurial spirit among Generation Z
  • Some members of the generation have already launched highly successful companies
  • Gen Z capitalizes on social media and online resources to educate themselves and market their business

Generation Z is building on the tools crafted by entrepreneurs in the generation before them, often establishing successful businesses at a very young age. Polls have also shown a strong entrepreneurial drive among Gen Z.

A 2017 Gallup poll found that 40 percent of respondents between the ages of five and 12 aspired to run their own business, while 24 percent said they had already started a company. A 2019 survey yielded similar results, with 41 percent saying they planned to become entrepreneurs and 45 percent saying they hope to invent something that will change the world.

Some members of Gen Z may have been inspired by millennial parents who are also entrepreneurs, though millennials tended to launch their ventures in college. Gen Z is starting earlier, with several examples of teenagers or younger children establishing highly successful companies.

The Gallup poll suggested that there is a shortcoming how older entrepreneurs are serving the youngest generation, as just 5 percent of students in the poll were participating in internships. However, Gen Z has also capitalized on social media and other online resources, such as online courses and mentor networks, to gain knowledge and market their company.

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