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Strategic Partnerships Businesses Can Form to Reduce Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Gartner Inc. highlights three strategic partnerships businesses can form to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Partnerships extend outside efforts to pursue internal emissions reductions
  • Third party logistics providers, customers, and industry peers can have a significant impact

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Businesses looking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions should form three strategic partnerships to effectively do so, according to the technology research and consulting company Gartner Inc.

Gartner says businesses often adopt modal shift, load optimization, and network design strategies to pursue internal emissions reductions. It suggests that partnerships with third party logistics providers, customers, and industry peers can help amplify these effects.

  • Third party logistics providers can make their own commitments to adopting new vehicles and engine technology to reduce emissions; companies can assess potential partners based on their ambitions and investments, and potentially help cover investment gaps to facilitate more efficient movement of goods
  • Your customer base can be an important partner if you are transparent about your processes and the greenhouse gas emissions they produce, such as how faster delivery generates more emissions due to its reliance on air freight; businesses can promote climate-conscious strategies such as transportation options that take longer but generate fewer emissions
  • Partnerships with other companies in your industry who are pursuing similar goals allows you to share best practices and experiences, and potentially partner in shared investments

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