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Study Finds That COVID-19 Pandemic Has Eased Perceived Stigma About Taking Leave

  • The Hartford finds that employees’ perception of their company’s leave programs and other benefits has improved during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Thirty-one percent of employees continue to be concerned that they might face repercussions if they take the leave offered by their company
  • Three-quarters of employers say they have expanded or added benefits

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

Close to one-third of workers continue to be fearful of repercussions if they take a paid leave option offered by their company, according to a study by the Connecticut insurer The Hartford. However, the research also showed that both employers and employees have been more likely to embrace these benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Hartford, which is a leading provider of employee benefits and absence management, found that 31 percent of workers worried that there would be a negative response if they took a leave of absence from their company. These included fears of termination, having their hours reduced, or getting skipped over for a promotion.

Other findings included:

  • The perceived stigma was more common among younger workers
  • 75 percent of employers said they have expanded or added benefits, most commonly medical or sick leave
  • Employee responses in a February 2021 poll were more likely than previous resources in March and June 2020 to value the benefits offered by their company, trust their company’s decisions on benefits, or say the benefits offered meet their current needs
  • More employees were opting to take advantage of company-offered benefits during the open enrollment period, most notably critical illness or hospital indemnity insurance
  • The Hartford issues recommendations for employers, including offering resources to assist the overall well-being of the workforce and communicating with employees year-round on the benefits offered

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