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Successfully Onboarding Employees When Your Company Has Gone Virtual

  • Companies rarely have virtual onboarding processes, though they have become more useful during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Those who don’t do an adequate job with bringing new employees on board are more likely to find these workers trying to jump ship
  • Regular communication, anticipating the needs of new hires, and other steps to make onboarding more successful

Onboarding is a crucial part of hiring new employees. Companies that can successfully bring new hires into their fold can retain talent for years to come, while those that don’t give adequate attention to this step are more likely to face problems such as decreased engagement and new hires looking to leave before a year has passed.

While only about one in four companies has the ability to onboard new hires virtually, this technology can be more efficient and easy to use for both companies and employees – especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drive people to work remotely. A virtual onboarding process can easily improve an employee’s experience if it can provide a structured feel and give the new hire a sense of ownership in the business.

Some strategies for improving virtual onboarding include consistent communication, including one-on-one calls and occasional informal check-ins; anticipating the needs of new hires, especially when they’re working remotely; setting clear expectations and timelines; easing the process of onboarding documentation, going digital when possible; setting up short training videos; and matching new hires with longer term employees.

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