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Survey: 43 Percent of Workers Believe Advancement, Mobility Opportunities Are Lacking at Their Workplace

  • Poll finds that 43.2 percent of employees don’t believe their company offers opportunities for internal mobility
  • The survey highlighted a disconnect between employees and employers, who often said they were looking to hire internally
  • Findings suggest a contributing factor to the “Great Resignation,” as workers expect they need to look outside their company for advancement

Summary by Dirk Langeveld

More than four out of 10 employees do not think they have adequate opportunities to seek advancement or other opportunities within their own organization, according to a recent survey. The findings suggest another factor in the “Great Resignation,” as those seeking greater mobility believe they need to look to other firms to find it.

The poll by Randstad RiseSmart, which offers outplacement and career mobility services, found that 43.2 percent of employees don’t believe their company offers opportunities for internal mobility. Forty-eight percent said they don’t think their employer is open to workers switching roles within the company.

  • The findings suggest a disconnect with company leaders, who often expressed a willingness to promote from within
  • Eighty-six percent of managers said they were looking to hire internally, while nine out of 10 managers at larger businesses said they thought there were enough opportunities for employees to seek other roles within the company.
  • Nearly three-quarters of employers said they thought they offered adequate training and career development opportunities, compared to 53.2 percent of employees
  • The data suggests that managers may need to better communicate training and advancement opportunities to their employees to promote mobility options and help make them feel more valued at the company

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