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Thousands of Millennials Move to Connecticut During COVID-Driven Exodus From New York City

  • Nearly 10,000 millennials have changed their mailing address from New York City to Connecticut during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Younger millennials are likely to make only a temporary move, while older millennials are more likely to put down roots
  • An opportunity for communities to capitalize on the influx of young residents

New York City, along with other major metropolitan areas in the United States, has been experiencing a significant outflow of population during the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents have made the decision not only because of the shutdown of urban attractions and the higher risk of infection in high-density areas, but also because they have been able to work remotely and are seeking more affordable housing markets.

Connecticut has been a top destination for people leaving the Big Apple, as New Yorkers seek property within commuting distance in southwestern Connecticut or decide to permanently resettle in a second home on the shoreline. Nearly 10,000 millennials have been part of this migration, changing their address from New York to Connecticut.

In her piece for the CT Mirror, Jessica Freedman says younger millennials are often moving back in with their parents and are likely to return to New York in the future, while older millennials are more likely to make a more permanent relocation. She says the shift presents an opportunity for cities to offer amenities and more of a sense of normalcy to retain the newcomers.

Some of these efforts have already been underway. For example, the 100-acre Harbor Point development in Stamford seeks to create a walkable community with urban benefits designed to attract millennials.

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