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Webinars Gain New Importance in Marketing and Sales

  • Webinars have been around for a quarter-century, but have gained new importance during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Entrepreneur contributor suggests that audience size isn’t a major factor in running a successful webinar, but that it’s crucial to make certain points in your presentation
  • Your webinar should serve as an effective selling tool rather than a bland tutorial

Webinars are nothing new. The first online presentations made their debut in 1995, and the term “webinar” was coined in 1998. But as companies increasingly turn to digital services, webinars have become a critical marketing tool.

This is particularly true in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, where most in-person events have been nixed in favor of online gatherings. One benefit of this shift is that your webinars can easily reach a much wider audience; anyone with an internet connection can tune in and see your presentation.

Isa Herrera, a licensed physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy, says in a recent Entrepreneur Leadership Network post that live-streaming is an easy way to built connections with customers. She says that while having a large audience isn’t necessary, companies should strive to effectively prepare their webinar before hosting one. Doing so increases your chances of creating an engaging presentation that can boost your sales as well as your company’s reputation.

In particular, company owners should approach the webinar as a way to represent their business and its products and services. Rather than undertaking a lengthy, bland tutorial on what you offer or how your product works, you can take steps to show how what you offer can meet customer needs and how you can distinguish yourself from competitors.

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