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Will Remote Work Replace Your Cubicle Office? It’s Not Likely

  • After several months of working at home, employees may wonder if remote work will completely replace their office space
  • Employers may be more likely to embrace hybrid models, but most professions are likely to reopen their offices when possible
  • In-person interactions have benefits such as greater innovation and productivity

While it’s unclear just how many American workers moved from a commercial office to remote work from their home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that a massive shift has taken place. With remote work arrangements persisting for several months, employers have the opportunity to completely transition their company away from an office space.

However, this arrangement is unlikely to occur on a wide scale. An office environment allows for better monitoring of employee productivity, which has become a greater concern for employers as workers try to balance child care with their jobs. Analysts have also suggested that in-person interactions are better suited for networking and innovation.

Remote work also has certain disadvantages, such as siloing teams, impeding interaction with customers, more difficulty with collaborations, limiting passive knowledge of projects or office issues, and impeding knowledge transfer or advancement opportunities. Studies have suggested that workers are eager to return to an office environment, although there is also strong support for a hybrid model where employees can work from home for part of the week.


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