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When It’s a Good Time to Outsource Your Marketing

  • Marketing is essential for finding new customers and generating sales, but an internal team may not be necessary for your company to succeed
  • An outside company may be able to perform these tasks more effectively
  • Signals in your marketing results and daily workload that it’s time for a change

Marketing your company is an important part of its success and profitability, but it doesn’t always make sense to have this process done internally. You can easily find a marketing agency or professional to oversee your advertising, social media, and other efforts to get the word out about your business. While you’ll need to pay for these services, outsourcing the task can make sense if you’re experiencing any of the following:

You want faster revenue growth

If your revenues aren’t growing as quickly as you’d like, you’ll want to assess your business strategy to see why this is the case. Insufficient marketing efforts could be at least partially to blame, since you’ll struggle to find new customers if you aren’t effectively spreading the word about your business. A marketing firm can help you develop a target for growth and develop strategies to help you meet it.

Your employees are overworked

Small businesses often have limited staff, and employees charged with marketing the company may be overburdened with other tasks that need to be completed. Even if you have a dedicated marketing staff, they may be spread too thin trying to complete the copywriting, graphic design, social media management, and other work to promote the company.

As an added benefit, hiring an outside professional or agency is cost-effective an offers more flexibility. The fee you’ll pay can easily be less expensive than the costs of hiring, training, and paying the salary and benefits of a new employee. You also have the option of outsourcing your marketing for individual campaigns rather than having a third party manage all of your marketing efforts.

You need more consistency in your marketing efforts

Even if you have a dedicated marketing strategy, it can easily get off-track. Social media channels may be neglected, ad campaigns can become isolated, or other circumstances may impede your ability to reach customers. Your messaging can also suffer a disconnect when employees leave or shift roles.

Hiring an outside marketing firm limits such disruptions and gives your company a consistent, well-crafted strategy.

You don’t know what you’re doing

Not every entrepreneur is a marketing expert. If you’re not confident in your own abilities, you should find a person or agency that is.

Marketing professionals keep up with the latest trends, tactics, and other aspects of marketing, and can assist companies with all facets of running a campaign. They can also measure your company’s performance to adapt the strategy as needed.

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