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Beta User Feedback

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Thank you for your interest in being an InnovatorsLINK beta user! By offering your feedback on this website, you can help make it a vital resource for small business startups and business owners in Connecticut. Beta testers also get the added benefit of a free Premium listing on our BizLINK business directory for one year. We’re asking beta users to review the following sections of the website before completing a short survey on their experience:
  • Main Street Journal: A curated feed of business news, ranging from market trends to local success stories in Connecticut
  • BizLINK: A directory of nearly 2,000 businesses in and around Connecticut, allowing you to find helpful services or network with other companies. You can claim an existing listing or create your own.
  • BlueLINK: This part of the site is specifically geared to the “Blue Economy” of southeastern Connecticut, with news and resources for businesses involved in submarine production, offshore wind, tourism, and other industries based on the Thames River and Long Island Sound
  • Forums: Connect with other users in specialized forums, where you can ask questions, share success stories, and more.

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