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National Resource Organizations

Find US organizations that can enhance your company with everything from grants to networking opportunities.
  • A nonprofit organization advocating for veteran-owned small businesses to receive priority in federal contracts
  • Legislative advocacy as well as educational programs and resources
  • Several services seek to match veteran-owned businesses with contractors, coaches, and more
  • A federal agency supporting the growth and competitiveness of minority business enterprises
  • Maintains business centers across the United States, along with specialty centers focused on advanced manufacturing, exports, and federal procurement
  • Oversees an initiative to support minority women entrepreneurs
  • An international membership organization promoting the development of small and medium-sized businesses
  • Provides opportunities to network with professionals from around the world
  • A variety of resources to improve one’s knowledge and foster professional networks
  • A prominent pro-business lobbying organization, with advocacy covering a wide range of topics
  • Represents businesses of all sizes
  • Conducts research and programs
  • Primarily focuses on advocacy efforts on issues affecting small businesses
  • Members hold a Small Business Congress every two years to set an agenda of priority issues
  • Conducts research and connects members to professionals who can assist in a variety of areas
  • The Coast Guard’s primary facility for the research, development, testing, and evaluation of solutions to assist the service’s mission
  • More than 80 projects underway at any given time
  • RDC regularly collaborates with outside agencies for procurement
  • Unique ‘How to Start an LLC’ Section
  • Several business name and idea generators
  • Simple, yet informative sections make it seem easy to start a business on your own
  • Buzgate is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and solutions to businesses
  • Businesses in all states can use this state-filtered resource during their startup and growth stages
  • Localized help and information based on your state
  • Facilitates commercialization by collaborating with industry, government, and academia
  • Helps high-tech small businesses and entrepreneurs compete for and win federal SBIR awards
  • Improve your small business’s chance of advancing its technology and achieving commercialization, higher profits and job growth
  • NFIB is a member-driven organization advocating for small and independent business owners nationwide
  • For all kind of startups and entrepreneurs in the United States
  • Works with trusted providers to offer you quality products and services that can save your business time and money
  • SBA is the cabinet-level federal agency that helps small businesses with counseling, capital, and government contract expertise
  • Businesses in all development stages should utilize the services in SBA
  • The most up-to-date online and local services including counseling, government funding programs, courses, and guides
  • SCORE provides free confidential business advice through their network of 10,000 volunteer business experts in 350 chapters across the country
  • They have an extensive library covering numerous topics related to opening, managing, and closing a small business
  • They also offer free live business webinars which are archived on
  • If you’re looking for answers or solutions to specific questions, SCORE may be your first stop.