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Business “Bootcamp”
Courses & Mentoring


The InnovatorsLINK “Bootcamp” is a set of practical business courses which will allow you to start or expand a business consisting of 12 practical online business courses, 4 live group mentor Q/A sessions and a certificate of achievement.

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Practical Business Courses

12 practical online business courses with information and guidance needed to constructively build or grow your business.

Mentor Sessions

Four live Zoom Q&A group sessions (1.5hrs each) and a one-on-one phone consultation with your mentor.

Completion & Certification

Complete all 12 courses and quizzes and receive an InnovatorsLINK Certificate of Achievement.

The InnovatorsLINK Virtual Education and Mentorship Bootcamp Program is a practical set of courses for small businesses and start-ups.   We offer a chance for you to learn about the major questions, issues facing a start-up.  In addition, as part of this program we offer live mentorship sessions so you can have your individual questions about the courses and your business answered.  This mentorship program will consist of four one-hour sessions after every three courses.  Also, we will offer free one-on-one telephonic meeting times to answer your business questions.  Planned release: August 2021.

Course List

Courses are each comprised of an approximately 20 minute video lecture and 7 question quiz.

  • I. The Opportunity (Mini Business Plan)

    How to complete early evaluation of a new product or service to assure it makes success and can succeed?
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: Positioning Your Business Opportunity Statement

  • II. The Market Potential (Size)

    Is there a large enough easily accessible market for the product or service? Do market trends favor your expansion?
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: What is My Market Potential?

  • III. Development of a Product or Service?

    Are the costs and expenses associated with developing your product or service worth the effort?
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: Introducing a New Product or Service

  • Live Group Q/A with Mentor: Session 1

    1.5 hour zoom session with your mentor and group

  • IV. Financial Statements

    What are the key financial statements and how to practically use them to measure and evaluate your business?
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: The Magic of Financial Statements and Ratio Measurement

  • V. Capital Requirements?

    When you start a business determining capital requirements, timing, and how to raise these funds?
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: Capital Requirements: Funds Needed to Start or Expand

  • VI. Best Structure for the Company?

    Sole Proprietorship, Corporation (S, C, LLC), Other Forms? Why thinking about your future is important?
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: Structuring Your Company: A Summary

  • Live Group Q/A with Mentor: Session 2

    1.5 hour zoom session with your mentor and group

  • VII. Regulations and starting a business?

    Federal EIN Tax ID, State ID requirements, Employee protections like FICA, Workman’s compensation.
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: Regulations Involved in Starting a Business

  • VIII. Insurances Needed

    Liability, Property and Casualty, D&O Insurance, Others
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: What Insurances are Needed to Start a Business?

  • IX. Housing my Business

    Start with what you need to be effective. If feasible, start in your home, maintain low overhead, lease, or buy (negotiations).
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: Housing Your Startup: Home, Garage, Rent, or Purchase?

  • Live Group Q/A with Mentor: Session 3

    1.5 hour zoom session with your mentor and group

  • X. Hiring People

    Define need? Job description? Salary requirements? Company rules and requirements?
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: Hiring Employees: Who, What, How?

  • XI. Finding and Retaining Vendors

    Lawyer, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Lawyer, Insurance Agent, Commercial Real Estate Agent, Bank
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: Finding Reputable Suppliers and Service Providers

  • XII. Funding of your Business

    Self, Friends & Family, Credit Cards, Private Investors, State, Bank, Federal, Angel Groups, Venture Capitalists, Corporate Partner. Key issues and how to handle, like, personal guarantee, owners’ dilution
    Expert Summary Valuable Reading: Funding I: Alternate Ways for Early-Stage Companies to Raise Money in Connecticut and Elsewhere

  • Live Group Q/A with Mentor: Session 4

    1.5 hour zoom session with your mentor and group

Bootcamp Registration

Course registration will be available soon.

Bootcamp (12 courses, 4 live mentor Q/A sessions, private phone session w/ mentor): $600

Individual Courses: $75 each

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Want to know when Bootcamp courses launch?
Be the first to know when new Bootcamp courses are launched.


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