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Information on local, state, and national business financing opportunities

Funding Sources

Personal funds

Funding a business with your own money gives you the advantage of maintaining total control of the company, and can avoid regular debt expenses in the future. read more

Friends and family

Friends and family members can be a key source of financial support when getting your business started. read more


If you believe your business idea can appeal to a wider audience, crowdfunding can be a good way to acquire capital. read more

Banks and credit unions

Banks and credit unions have traditionally been a major source of funding for small businesses. read more


Community development financial institutions direct funding to economically distressed communities in an effort to support economic growth and opportunities. read more

SBA programs

The U.S. Small Business Administration oversees several financing options for small businesses, including loans, surety bonds, investment partnerships, and disaster relief programs. read more


Grants are awarded through a competitive process and offer a direct injection of funding into a company. read more

Alternative lenders

Alternative lenders have grown in popularity as entrepreneurs face greater challenges in accessing capital through traditional financial institutions. read more

Venture capital

Venture capitalists are investment banks, wealthy individuals, or others who put money into an early-stage company with the expectation that it will earn a high return on investment in the future. read more

Angel investors

Like venture capitalists, angel investors look to finance companies that have the potential for a high return on investment, and typically seek an equity share in the company and a role in business operations in exchange for the funding. read more

Funding Insights

Alternative Fintech Funding: A Cautionary Tale

By Denis Jakuc

Fintech, a term which has become more widespread in the business community, is simply an abbreviation of the term “financial technology.” It can be applied to any technology-based innovation that changes how people financially transact business.

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Understanding CDFIs

By Kempton Coady, General Manager

Under the best of circumstances, getting small business financing is no sure thing. In the 2020 Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey,

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The Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  • Common mistakes made by entrepreneurs seeking to run a business
  • Failure to have a clear plan for finances, marketing, and other aspects of the business is a major shortcoming
  • Entrepreneurs must also be willing to commit to a venture and seek help as needed
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CTNext Resource Wizard

  • Use the CTNext Resource Wizard to find the right resources for your business
  • Resources are filtered by your business stage and location in Connecticut
  • Results can be further narrowed down based on business location or the information you’re seeking
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6 Types Of Business Plans

  • Understand different types of business plans
  • Business plans can assist you when starting a business and when growing one
  • Choosing wisely during the different periods of your business will help you better achieve your goals
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Understanding An LLC Operating Agreement

  • How an operating agreement can assist with the management of a Limited Liability Company
  • For those looking forward to starting their company as an LLC
  • Helps govern internal operations of the business in a way that suits the specific needs of the business owners
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Common Business Plan Mistakes

  • A business plan can help you prep your company for launch, but you can jeopardize your chances of success if you make one of several common errors
  • Factors range from sloppy grammar to unrealistic financial forecasts
  • For those planning a business
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PODCAST: Small Business Tax Tips

  • Podcast for tax guidelines and how they impact accounting for small businesses, employees, and independent contractors
  • For those who wish to learn the basic tax structure of a C Corporation or LLC
  • Get the best legal and accounting assistance
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Is It Time to Scale Up Your Business?

  • Understanding when your startup has reached its tipping point, and what to do next
  • For those who have started businesses and are thinking about expanding
  • Understand the challenges that will inevitably come as your business scales
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