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Business Insights

Expert Summaries and articles addressing a broad range of issues affecting small businesses

Expert Summaries

InnovatorsLINK experts weigh in on major topics facing entrepreneurs

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Crisis Management

How to Create an Emergency Fund

  • How much cash will you need in an emergency and where will you keep it?
  • For entrepreneurs starting and expanding their businesses
  • Help your business overcome unexpected financial events
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Selling/Closing a Business

Getting Acquired Doesn’t Have to Be a Blood Sport

  • Business owners naturally want to get a high price when selling their company, but the process can be stressful and time-consuming
  • Accepting a fair offer allows you to quickly concentrate on your next step
  • Some options include selling to a family member or employees
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Business Strategy

Tips For Building Long-Lasting Small Business Success

  • Entrepreneurs often focus too much on their business’s immediate needs and not enough on long-term strategy
  • Having a business plan from the outset allows you to set goals and benchmarks to meet
  • Business owners should be prepared to regularly adapt their company to fulfill changing demands and meet customer needs
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Common Legal Mistakes Small Businesses Make

  • Legal oversights are common in small business, but can be costly as well
  • Proper documentation, intellectual property protections, other essential steps to safeguard your business
  • Understand and stay compliant with all legal requirements
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Business Strategy

The Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  • Common mistakes made by entrepreneurs seeking to run a business
  • Failure to have a clear plan for finances, marketing, and other aspects of the business is a major shortcoming
  • Entrepreneurs must also be willing to commit to a venture and seek help as needed
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When It’s a Good Time to Outsource Your Marketing

  • Marketing is essential for finding new customers and generating sales, but an internal team may not be necessary for your company to succeed
  • An outside company may be able to perform these tasks more effectively
  • Signals in your marketing results and daily workload that it’s time for a change
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Competitive Strategy

CTNext Resource Wizard

  • Use the CTNext Resource Wizard to find the right resources for your business
  • Resources are filtered by your business stage and location in Connecticut
  • Results can be further narrowed down based on business location or the information you’re seeking
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Business Planning

6 Types Of Business Plans

  • Understand different types of business plans
  • Business plans can assist you when starting a business and when growing one
  • Choosing wisely during the different periods of your business will help you better achieve your goals
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Information Technology (IT)

An Introduction to NAICS Codes

  • NAICS codes are a 2- to 6-digit code that help businesses with getting loans and government-related services
  • Businesses that wish to become government contractors or verified veteran-owned businesses especially need this
  • Tips for you to know how to get NAICSs codes.
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Digital Services

How to Get a Virtual Business Address

  • Set up a physical address for your business while maintaining your privacy and security
  • For those who run home-based businesses or otherwise don’t wish to divulge a company’s physical location
  • Establishes a place to receive mail and important documents
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Business Planning

Understanding An LLC Operating Agreement

  • How an operating agreement can assist with the management of a Limited Liability Company
  • For those looking forward to starting their company as an LLC
  • Helps govern internal operations of the business in a way that suits the specific needs of the business owners
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Business Planning

Common Business Plan Mistakes

  • A business plan can help you prep your company for launch, but you can jeopardize your chances of success if you make one of several common errors
  • Factors range from sloppy grammar to unrealistic financial forecasts
  • For those planning a business
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Financing & Loans

What Are Angel Investors Looking For?

  • What angel investors are looking for in a project
  • For those starting or expanding a business that needs funding
  • Learn more about how you can impress potential investors and impact their decisions
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PODCAST: Small Business Tax Tips

  • Podcast for tax guidelines and how they impact accounting for small businesses, employees, and independent contractors
  • For those who wish to learn the basic tax structure of a C Corporation or LLC
  • Get the best legal and accounting assistance
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Expanding a Business

Is It Time to Scale Up Your Business?

  • Understanding when your startup has reached its tipping point, and what to do next
  • For those who have started businesses and are thinking about expanding
  • Understand the challenges that will inevitably come as your business scales
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