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Business Insights

Expert Summaries and articles addressing a broad range of issues affecting small businesses

Expert Summaries

InnovatorsLINK experts weigh in on major topics facing entrepreneurs

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Business Planning

Are Some Locations Better Than Others?

  • Factors that go into choosing a business location and questions that entrepreneurs should ponder
  • For those starting or expanding a business
  • Also a resource for Connecticut business location selection
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Marketing & Sales

How Do I Set Price Levels?

  • How to meet business goals in pricing products, and some considerations when pricing
  • For the early-stage business entrepreneurs
  • Increase sales and create an essential foundation for your business
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Business Planning

What Kind of Profits Can I Expect?

  • When your company might achieve profitability and what profit margins you can expect
  • For those starting, managing, or expanding a business
  • Different definitions of profitability and margins
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Employee Management

Should I Hire Family Members to Work For Me?

  • The advantages and risks of hiring family members to work in your startup
  • For those starting a business and wanting to save time and effort to find job candidates
  • Suggestions for creating a good work relationship with your family members
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Employee Management

How Do I Set Wage and Benefit Levels?

  • Attract and retain top talents through smart compensation decisions
  • For employers managing a business employees wanting to know how their work is weighted
  • Determining what pay level and benefits will attract qualified candidates
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