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Certified Business Program

Welcome to InnovatorsLINK’s Certified Service application. A major problem for small businesses is the ability to identify certified vendors with reputable proven operations and with customer references to support their claims. Small Business Owners or Managers ask Colleagues, Friends, Family and Others for recommendations. Many times, these are the wrong vendors for the task based on the tasks they are asked to undertake. Or the lack of a reasonable dialogue between the small business and business service.

For examples, Lawyers, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Banks, Payroll Processing, Insurance, Construction, etc. are all services needed by small businesses. There is no central place to find these certified services. ILC is that place and plans to act as a central source where small businesses can find those local services.

The information requirements are not unreasonable and represent what you ARE NOW ASKED by small businesses. Small business customers will come to our ILC Website for recommendations and QUALIFICATION as to the kinds of services required.

The screening process will have been done by ILC, so you will have customers looking for you. NO LONGER WILL YOU HAVE TO SPEND YOUR TIME LOOKING FOR CUSTOMERS INSTEAD QUALIFIED CUSTOMERS WILL COME TO YOU THROUGH ILC. No matter whether you have the Lead Generation feature turned on your Profile as a Certified Vendor will always be represented on the ILC Website.

Do you want to build your online reputation and dedicate more time to running your business? 

In the world of business, reputation is everything! This is where the Certified Program plays an important role. It shows potential clients your commitment to SAFE, SECURE GROWTH & ABOVE-STANDARD QUALITY MANAGEMENT by providing your business with a Better Business Bureau, a Dun & Bradstreet qualification, and References which you would provide. Furthermore, we can help fix your limited web or social media presence. As a Certified Vendor of, you will get a web page, photo and video galleries, reviews to increase user engagement, and the ability to get leads to instantly connect products and services with your customers.

Other Certified Program benefits include promotion on our social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Most importantly the Certified program provides a paid lead generation source.  Because you are a Certified vendor on the InnovatorsLINK Website, it is like a friend referring you to a new customer.  This means customer acquisition is easier and much less expensive.  Our Certified Program will tell you about the customer location, telephone number, email so you can follow-up directly and CLOSE THE SALE.

Spend more time running your business and let us help strengthen your customers’ confidence! Apply below.

Cost: $360/year

Example Certified Listing

Become a Certified Business

A Certified listing is an upgrade of a Free or Premium listing. Create a Free or Premium listing before applying for certified status.

Once you have established a Free or Premium listing, complete the following application to begin the certification process. We will review your submission and be in touch with next steps shortly.