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The Distinction Between Innovative Leadership and Innovation

  • Innovative leadership involves creating an environment where greater inventiveness and creativity can occur
  • Inventors don’t necessarily have the expertise to manage others, but flourish under competent leaders
  • Business owners must be prepared to provide flexibility and embrace a diversified workforce
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Juvia’s Place Announces $300K in Grants to Black Entrepreneurs

  • Cosmetics brand Juvia’s Place, started by Black entrepreneur with $2,000 in capital, announces six $50,000 grants to Black-owned businesses
  • Company says Black entrepreneurs are often vulnerable to “debt traps” when starting a business
  • Deadline to apply is Aug. 31
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Connecticut Launches “One-Stop Shop” For Businesses

  • Digital portal consolidates information, resources, and requirements from several state agencies
  • Tools to assist with taxes, licensing, financial assistance, and more
  • Goal of helping simplify processes for business owners and entrepreneurs
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How Small Businesses Influence Larger Ones

  • While large businesses may seem to overshadow their smaller counterparts, small businesses play a key role in influencing them
  • Small businesses have advantages over large businesses such as more free reign for innovation and less red tape
  • Small businesses and large businesses can produce harmonious relationships
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Young Entrepreneurs

  • Course identifies the options for doing business that are ideal for young entrepreneurs
  • For the entrepreneurs looking for experience and knowledge essential for starting a business
  • Provides an overview of the opportunities for and unique challenges for novice prospective business person
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