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The Distinction Between Innovative Leadership and Innovation

  • Innovative leadership involves creating an environment where greater inventiveness and creativity can occur
  • Inventors don’t necessarily have the expertise to manage others, but flourish under competent leaders
  • Business owners must be prepared to provide flexibility and embrace a diversified workforce
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Hotels Mull Pivot to Remote Work Getaways During Pandemic

  • The hospitality industry been struggling with a loss of income due to a slump in travel and event cancellations during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Some hotels have been buttressing their revenues with short-term room rentals for people to enjoy a new remote work location
  • Long-term stay packages also being offered
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Companies Reassess Productivity Expectations as Remote Work Expands During Pandemic

  • Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted inefficiencies with the traditional office model
  • More casual workplaces emerge, with greater understanding for employee circumstances among both employers and clients
  • Automation likely to accelerate as a result of remote work
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Innovative Methods Emerging Among Utilities to Ensure Resiliency During Disruptions

  • Llewellyn King, who helped shape President Richard Nixon’s energy policy, says utilities are ripe for innovative change in the wake of COVID-19
  • Prolonged power outages after Tropical Storm Isaias also highlight the need for improved resiliency
  • Improved communications, decentralized power generation, and more battery solutions among the potential changes
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Icebreakers, Team-Building, and Other Alternatives to Zoom Happy Hour

  • Building employee camaraderie should go beyond a drink or two shared virtually once a week
  • Specialized apps allow team-building, icebreakers, trivia, and other activities to encourage co-workers to meet up remotely while social distancing
  • Efforts can help improve work-related collaboration and communication
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Simon Property Group Reportedly Exploring Amazon Distribution Center Partnership

  • Partnership between Simon Property Group and Amazon would allow vacant “anchor” stores to be converted to Amazon distribution centers
  • Arrangement would guarantee steady rental income for malls while assisting with “last mile” delivery for the e-commerce giant
  • Simon reports stable second quarter income despite COVID-19 shutdowns
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Keeping Your Customers by Refusing Their Cash

  • Survey finds that a large share of small businesses have stopped accepting cash and transitioned to contactless payments during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Younger customers are more likely to accept cashless transactions and favor companies that require no direct interaction for payment
  • Two-thirds of businesses try a new approach during the pandemic, primarily involving a pivot to digital
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A Call For Open Innovation

  • Forbes Technology Council contributor says partnership models established during COVID-19 pandemic should continue in future
  • Benefits include better market research, more business opportunities, and lower R&D costs
  • Tips on how to engage in open innovation
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How Small Businesses Influence Larger Ones

  • While large businesses may seem to overshadow their smaller counterparts, small businesses play a key role in influencing them
  • Small businesses have advantages over large businesses such as more free reign for innovation and less red tape
  • Small businesses and large businesses can produce harmonious relationships
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Young Workers Appear Poised to Ditch E-Mail Collaborations

  • Research from Creative Strategies shows that workers under 30 are unlikely to collaborate through e-mail, while it remains a preferred choice among older workers
  • Tools used for business collaboration will likely need to adapt as younger employees age and become more dominant in workforce
  • Workers use a suite of collaboration tools from multiple tech companies
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