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Resource Organizations

From local chambers of commerce to statewide trade groups, Connecticut is full of organizations that can assist your business. Find the professionals who can enhance your company with everything from grants to networking opportunities.
  • A trade organization to “protect, enhance and promote the value of being a CPA in Massachusetts”
  • Supports education, advocacy, and networking opportunities
  • Allow its members to learn, connect and prosper in the accounting profession
  • The official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • “Working” section connects to a wealth of business and employment resources
  • Aims to assist businesses and make Massachusetts become a batter place to live, work, and do business
  • A business accelerator specializing in women-owned companies
  • Annual pitch competition offers grants to winners
  • Entrepreneurs are connected with mentors to provide guidance on a variety of topics
  • A community development financial institution in the Hartford area
  • Promotes just and affordable financial services to assist low-income residents
  • A primary focus on rehabilitating neighborhoods, with other policy issues addressed on a rotating basis
  • Unique ‘How to Start an LLC’ Section
  • Several business name and idea generators
  • Simple, yet informative sections make it seem easy to start a business on your own
  • Buzgate is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and solutions to businesses
  • Businesses in all states can use this state-filtered resource during their startup and growth stages
  • Localized help and information based on your state