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Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT)

  • CCAT is a non-profit organization which develops, validates and adopts advanced technologies into the manufacturing supply chain
  • For small and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing industry
  • Helps manufacturers apply innovative tools and practices to increase efficiencies, improve workforce development, and boost competitiveness


The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc. (CCAT) is an applied technology demonstration and training center that validates, demonstrates, and encourages the adoption of leading-edge technologies into global industrial companies and the advanced manufacturing supply chain, while also providing the training and education necessary to utilize the capability of these advancements and drive efficiency.

CCAT assists businesses in executing their continuous improvement strategies by:

  • Demonstrating innovative technologies in our world-class facilities, the Advanced Manufacturing Center and Composite Center of Excellence, for customized solutions
  • Assessing energy and power solutions that focus on sustainability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness through the industrial base
  • Identifying and training highly-motivated talent from underserved groups to ensure a strong future for the supply chain
  • Advancing context-based STEM education and promoting careers to meet the needs of the current workforce and inspire the next generation

Who’s it for?

Manufacturing and supply chain businesses in Connecticut that want to grow and expand their organizations with advanced technologies.


To develop direct strategies to advance and adopt applied technologies that drive innovation processes and value-driven solutions to businesses.

Resources & Services


  1. Advanced Manufacturing Center
  2. Advanced Manufacturing Employer Partnership
  3. Energy
  4. Export & Cyber Compliance
  5. Education & Workforce Development
  6. Information Technology
  7. Funding & Grant Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Business Incubator & Rental Space


Check out this video to find out what CCAT is up to in the areas of technology, workforce development, incumbent worker training, bringing Connecticut manufacturing together for a brighter future, and so much more.


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