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Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation

  • Builds community through organizing, civic engagement, and leadership development
  • Addresses the problems of economic disinvestment, unemployment, crime, and community tension
  • Develops and preserves homeownership and rental housing across income levels


The Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation was founded in 1979 by local civic associations to address the problems of economic disinvestment, unemployment, crime, community tensions and the shortage of quality affordable housing undermining Boston’s Dorchester neighborhoods. Its work includes efforts to develop the neighborhoods’ real estate and businesses while also engaging with the community.

Who’s it for?

For businesses in the Dorchester Bay neighborhoods of Boston.


To build a strong, thriving, and diverse community in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhoods.

Resources & Services

Real Estate Development

Dorchester Bay EDC actively pursues both commercial and residential real estate projects, working to take on and complete projects that are important to the community and clearly serve a need. These have included commercial and light industrial developments, which are leveraged to build long-term opportunity for local residents through training and hiring in the construction trades.

Economic Development

Dorchester Bay EDC provides business loans, technical assistance, and other resources to assist with job creation and economic development in the neighborhoods.

Community Engagement

Dorchester Bay EDC reaches out to the local community through efforts such as resident initiatives, an outreach campaign, a summer camp, and technology classes.


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