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  • A faith-based organization providing funding for projects that will promote social change in low-impact areas
  • A variety of loans available for multiple different types of projects
  • Technical assistance also available


A faith-based organization founded in 1981, the Leviticus Fund is one of the first Community Development Financial Institutions in the United States. Based on the biblical verse Leviticus 25:23, which calls for justice in the stewardship of economic resources, the organization works to provide capital for investors seeking to make a social impact in low-impact communities.

Since it was founded, the Leviticus Fund has invested $129 million in projects to promote affordable housing, economic development, nonprofits, education, and health care. Although based in New York, the fund has grown to support projects across the Northeast.

Who’s it for

Any businesses seeking to make a positive impact in low-impact communities.


Supporting transformative solutions that serve low-income and vulnerable people by combining flexible capital from social impact investors and contributors with knowledge-sharing to create sustainable and affordable communities.

Resources & Services


The Leviticus Fund provides flexible loans with fixed, low-interest rates for projects such as affordable housing, child care and early learning centers, nonprofit office and program delivery space, and economic development, including improved access to healthy food. A variety of loans are available, including pre-development, acquisition of property, and construction.

Technical Assistance

Free technical assistance is provided to help projects achieve success, with topics such as strategies to sustain projects, guidance on forming project teams, financial and human resources management, and general troubleshooting. The Leviticus Fund also provides connection to sources of capital and development resources.


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